Can Someone be Allergic to Alcohol?

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When you think of the term alcohol intolerance, a “light weight” may be the first thought to come to mind. That’s not the case. Alcohol intolerance is a real disorder that can cause a wide range of reactions that can include: hives, coughing or difficulty breathing, stuffy or runny nose, low blood pressure or headache. These reactions can be caused by …


Seasonal Allergy Survival Guide

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It’s spring time which means trees are blossoming, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining but that also means that allergies are everywhere. Allergies happen when your immune system is affected by a normal substance, which are also known as invaders. When this happens, it in turn causes your body to produce a protein known as IgE, which releases histamine; …


Participating in Outdoor Activities During the Spring Allergy Season

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For any seasonal allergy sufferer, the thought of participating in an outdoor activity during spring time can seem horrifying. But if you take the right precautionary steps you can go out and play a game of kickball, go for an afternoon stroll, or do any other activity while keeping your symptoms under control. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you …


Everyday Food That Provides Natural Allergy Relief

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We all know that a healthy diet can do wonders for your body. Eating the right food makes your skin look better, it reduces the risk of several illnesses and it makes your body function better in general. But did you know that eating the right food can also aid you with seasonal allergies. Though food isn’t a proven cure for …


Mold Allergy: Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

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Molds are a part of the natural environment and can grow both indoor and outdoor –making it a difficult allergen to outrun. There’s around 1,000 types of mold in the United States and many can’t be identified by the naked eye which creates further difficulty. Mold thrives in moisture so areas in your home where water can accumulate are the …


Common Inhaler Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Dr Mark Livezey asthma, Inhaler

Inhaled asthma medicine is an amazing treatment for controlling asthma. It leads to better asthma control, less flare-ups and it reduces hospital visits. But that’s only if the inhaled asthma medicine is used correctly. Studies have shown that improper asthma inhaler techniques are associated with poor asthma control and can lead to more frequent visits to the emergency room. To …


How to Prepare for the Spring Allergy Season

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I know what you may be thinking: January seems a little bit early to prepare for the spring allergy season. Well, it isn’t. The term spring allergies is a little misleading –even though spring doesn’t kick off until March 20th, the allergy season can start rolling as early as February. So it isn’t too early for you to start preparing …