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How to Survive Fall Hay Fever: Part 3 of 7


Follow our six proven strategies outlined for relief from seasonal fall allergy symptoms.

Fall allergy season is almost here. For those with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) life can become miserable pretty quickly. With the arrival of all that beautiful fall color and cooler temperatures comes an increase in the 17 varieties of ragweed; three out of four people who are allergic to pollen are also allergic to ragweed.

Follow our six proven strategies outlined here for relief from seasonal fall allergy symptoms.


Strategy 2: Wash Up

If you can, minimize outside activity around the time of day when the air is warming up and cooling down as pollen count is highest at these times, typically 8-10am and 5-7pm.

No matter the time of day, whenever you enter from outside, wash your hands and face. If you’ve been outside for awhile, you should also consider showering and changing into fresh clothes. Ragweed pollen can attach itself to the clothes you wear and release indoors, causing havoc with your allergies.

Pollen is invisible but sticky and may be stuck in your hair. It could transfer to your pillow and affect you during the night. If the pollen makes it to your pillow, it could trigger symptoms all night or the next morning. If you go out in the evening, be sure to change your clothes and wash your hair before going into the bedroom.

If you have a pet that goes outdoors, brushing and bathing it outdoors frequently can help limit the amount of pollen carried indoors by your furry friend.

Part 1 Intro to Series

Strategy 1: Create a Pollen Free-Environment

Strategy 2: Wash Up

Strategies 3 & 4: Eliminate Allergy Foods and Cover Up

Strategy 5: Rinse for Relief

Strategy 6: Monitor Pollen Counts

Conclusion: Plan B

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