12 Tips to Reduce Screen Time for allergy and asthma kids

12 Tips to Reduce Screen time

Dr Glen Nadel Dr Glen L Nadel, Family, Healthy Families, Kids

1. Have a Family Meeting Explain to your offspring the importance of moving more and sitting less to remain at a healthy weight. Let them know they’ll have more energy and they will develop new skills. Riding a bike, throwing a football or shooting hoops could lead to more fun with friends. 2. Lead By Example It’s important for parents …

What is an Allergy?

Dr Mark Livezey Allergies, Blog, Dr Mark D Livezey

An allergy is an abnormal or exaggerated immune system response to a typically harmless substance. 1/5 of Americans have at least one known allergy. The substance that triggers this abnormal response is called an allergen – common allergens are pollen, mold, dust, animal dander, and specific foods. Common Symptoms of Allergies Congestion Rash Itchy/watery eyes Difficulty breathing Itchiness Allergy symptoms …