If you have coughing or wheezing after exercise, you may have exercise induced asthma.

What is exercise induced asthma?

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If you are coughing after exercise, you might be experiencing symptoms of exercise induced asthma or exercise induced bronchospasm. If you are more susceptible to coughing during or after exercise during the colder months, you may want to investigate cold air asthma. Here are exercise induced asthma symptoms that you may notice during or immediately after exercising: Wheezing Coughing Shortness …


Winter Tips: Managing Asthma During Cold Weather Months

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Cold weather for anyone can make managing asthma a drag. Do you know what’s worse? Cold weather for an asthma sufferer. Why? Well, the cold weather has a way of worsening asthma symptoms. There are two major factors that cause issues for people with asthma during winter months. For one, they are exposed to air outside that is dry and …

Severe allergies? You can still go outdoors

Participating in Outdoor Activities During the Spring Allergy Season

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For any seasonal allergy sufferer, the thought of participating in an outdoor activity during spring time can seem horrifying. But if you take the right precautionary steps you can go out and play a game of kickball, go for an afternoon stroll, or do any other activity while keeping your symptoms under control. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you …


Everyday Food That Provides Natural Allergy Relief

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We all know that a healthy diet can do wonders for your body. Eating the right food makes your skin look better, it reduces the risk of several illnesses and it makes your body function better in general. But did you know that eating the right food can also aid you with seasonal allergies. Though food isn’t a proven cure for …

Common mistakes when using asthma inhalers

Common Mistakes with Asthma Inhalers and How to Fix Them

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Inhaled asthma medicine is an amazing treatment for controlling asthma. It leads to better asthma control, less flare-ups and it reduces hospital visits. But that’s only if the inhaled asthma medicine is used correctly. Studies have shown that improper asthma inhaler techniques are associated with poor asthma control and can lead to more frequent visits to the emergency room. To …


Are you Allergic to the Holidays?

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Now that the fall allergy season is behind us, allergy and asthma sufferers can take a breath of relief. But it’s pertinent that you stay cautious, the holiday season can bring on unexpected allergy triggers. Christmas Trees Constant sneezing and coughing isn’t how you want to spend your holiday season, but it may be the reality for some allergy sufferers. …