Seasonal Allergy Treatments

Seasonal Allergy Survival Guide

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It’s spring time which means trees are blossoming, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining but that also means that allergies are everywhere. Allergies happen when your immune system is affected by a normal substance, which are also known as invaders. When this happens, it in turn causes your body to produce a protein known as IgE, which releases histamine; …


How to Prepare for the Spring Allergy Season

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I know what you may be thinking: February seems a little bit early to prepare for the spring allergy season. Well, it isn’t. The term spring allergies is a little misleading –even though spring doesn’t kick off until March 20th, the allergy season can start rolling as early as February. So it isn’t too early for you to start preparing …

Alcohol Allergy

Can Someone be Allergic to Alcohol?

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When you think of the term alcohol intolerance, a “light weight” may be the first thought to come to mind. That’s not the case. Alcohol intolerance is a real disorder that can cause a wide range of reactions that can include: hives, coughing or difficulty breathing, stuffy or runny nose, low blood pressure or headache. These allergy reactions can be caused …

Latest Review Video

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When you are selecting a healthcare provider, particularly an allergist you want to know more than their credentials. Patients want to know that the doctors and the staff will provide the time required to diagnose and build an allergy action plan customized to the patients.   From your first phone call to your visit with the doctor, our staff is focused on …

Mold Allergy Symptoms, Mold Allergy Test and Treatment

Mold Allergy Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

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Mold thrives in moisture so areas in your home where water can accumulate are the places prone to mold build up. These tiny mold spores can become airborne and cause mold allergy symptoms and reactions. Molds are a part of the natural environment and can grow both indoor and outdoor –making it a difficult allergen to outrun. There’s around 1,000 …

If you have coughing or wheezing after exercise, you may have exercise induced asthma.

What is exercise induced asthma?

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If you are coughing after exercise, you might be experiencing symptoms of exercise induced asthma or exercise induced bronchospasm. If you are more susceptible to coughing during or after exercise during the colder months, you may want to investigate cold air asthma. Here are exercise induced asthma symptoms that you may notice during or immediately after exercising: Wheezing Coughing Shortness …


Winter Tips: Managing Asthma During Cold Weather Months

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Cold weather for anyone can make managing asthma a drag. Do you know what’s worse? Cold weather for an asthma sufferer. Why? Well, the cold weather has a way of worsening asthma symptoms. There are two major factors that cause issues for people with asthma during winter months. For one, they are exposed to air outside that is dry and …