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Reducing allergies in the home

There is no denying it, allergy season is here and in full force. While pollen and other outdoor allergens can be the reason for your sneezing, controlling the allergens within your home can help reduce some of your discomfort.

Front Door

Implement a “no shoes” rule when in the house. Shoes can track in pollen and other allergens indoors from the outside. Designate one spot in the house to store all shoes so nothing can be tracked around.

If you’ve been spending time outside or partaking in yard work, don’t bring the pollen in on your clothes. Remove the clothing and launder it immediately to prevent the pollen spreading to other surfaces within your home. Consider taking a shower quickly as pollen can attach and hide in your hair.


Invest in dust mite proof covers for your pillows, mattresses and box springs. Wash all bedding in hot water on a weekly basis.

Whole House

Use hardwood, linoleum or tile flooring wherever possible. Carpeting can hold in allergens even after the best vacuuming. If hard flooring is not possible, use low-pile carpeting and shampoo it frequently.

Window coverings that can be washed or wiped down are ideal. Cotton or synthetic fabrics are typically washable, but always check first.

During pollen season, like we are currently in, keep your windows closed. If it is getting too warm in your home, utilize the air conditioner before resorting to opening the windows.

Use a micro particle or HEPA air filter. Change at least monthly.

Reducing clutter can reduce areas where dust, pollen and other allergens can hide.

Furniture made of leather, metal, wood or plastic is easier to clean and does not hold pollen the way upholstered furniture does.

Establishing a weekly cleaning routine that includes wiping down all surfaces with a wet cloth and moping/vacuuming all flooring. This can reduce pollen build up in the home.

If vacuuming with a bagless vacuum, empty it outdoors into a bag and then put immediately into the outdoor trash bin.

If allergies have you reaching for the tissue box, give us a call at 404.255.9286 or by contacting us here.

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