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Your 10 Worst Allergy Mistakes

Allergy symptoms are the worst and can stop you in your tracks!

There are things that you could be doing that makes those allergies worse. Here are several easy ways to reduce the chances of a symptom flare up in Atlanta.


You are allowing pollen in

During Spring and Fall pollen season, keep the windows closed and the air conditioner on. By recirculating the air from the AC you can reduce the amount of outside pollen that can get into your home.


You don’t take medication early enough

Be proactive about taking allergy medications or asthma controllers. Understand what triggers your allergy symptoms and combat them before they start. If you know a garden party is planned, take that medication before the pollen starts attacking.


Watch the pollen count

Subscribe to our pollen alerts to learn when allergy season begins. Our site can send alerts by email with allergy forecasts for the Atlanta area. Understanding when pollen counts will be high can help to manage symptoms.


Exercise when allergen counts are low

Run outdoors in the late afternoon or evening instead of the morning. Pollen from grass and trees peaks in the late morning and early afternoon. Exercise when the pollen counts are lower can reduce the onset of symptoms.


Use air purifiers as they were intended

Air purifiers and filters are an excellent way to remove allergy triggers such as pollen, dust and animal dander from the air. However these purifiers work best when the windows and doors are closed. Otherwise the filters cannot handle the amount of allergens that it could encounter.


Your EpiPen is outside of its ‘use by’ date

EpiPens can be used in the event of a serious allergic reaction. However those injectors are best used before their expiration date. Always check the expiration date. Keeping those injectors in the car can also cause them to become less effective if it undergoes temperature extremes.


Focus on de-cluttering

Allergies can be triggered by clutter sitting around such as stuffed animals. Donate or discard stuffed animals if they are no longer of use to you. Keep hard surfaces wiped clean of dust to prevent flare-ups.


You ignore what your body is telling you

Even after years of being allergy free, your body can become allergic to different triggers. Overtime you can become allergic to pollen and pets, for example. If you find that you are needing medications for sinusitis at the same time every year, then it might b allergies.


You’re snuggling up to wrong material

Down comforters are filled with feathers which can trigger allergic symptoms. Chose materials like polyester fiberfill, which is a synthetic stuffing. Mattresses and pillows can also be protected with dust mite-proof covers.


You have a pet

All pets can be allergy-inducing, even so-called ‘hypoallergenic’ pets. Allergies can be triggered from proteins from the animals’ saliva and urine or from flakes of skin known as ‘dander.’

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