If you have coughing or wheezing after exercise, you may have exercise induced asthma.

What is exercise induced asthma?

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If you are coughing after exercise, you might be experiencing symptoms of exercise induced asthma or exercise induced bronchospasm. If you are more susceptible to coughing during or after exercise during the colder months, you may want to investigate cold air asthma. Here are exercise induced asthma symptoms that you may notice during or immediately after exercising: Wheezing Coughing Shortness …


Winter Tips: Managing Asthma During Cold Weather Months

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Cold weather for anyone can make managing asthma a drag. Do you know what’s worse? Cold weather for an asthma sufferer. Why? Well, the cold weather has a way of worsening asthma symptoms. There are two major factors that cause issues for people with asthma during winter months. For one, they are exposed to air outside that is dry and …

Common mistakes when using asthma inhalers

Common Mistakes with Asthma Inhalers and How to Fix Them

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Inhaled asthma medicine is an amazing treatment for controlling asthma. It leads to better asthma control, less flare-ups and it reduces hospital visits. But that’s only if the inhaled asthma medicine is used correctly. Studies have shown that improper asthma inhaler techniques are associated with poor asthma control and can lead to more frequent visits to the emergency room. To …


North Georgia Wildfire: Dealing with Smoky Conditions

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The North Georgia wildfire isn’t only causing damage to the property in its path; it’s affecting our air quality as well. Over the past few weeks the Atlanta area has been filled with hazy-smoke tainted skies. Though it may not be as thick as it was earlier in the week, it’s still there and drawing major health concerns for the people …

Impact of Smoky Conditions in North Georgia

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COURTESY OF FOX FIVE ATLANTA NEWS Just because folks are getting used to the hazy skies and smoke-tainted air in metro Atlanta, doesn’t mean it’s any easier to handle the impact of wildfires burning more than 100 miles away in the North Georgia mountains. “This is the first time we’ve had forest fires that led to all this smoke being …

Transforming your home into an allergy free zone

Transforming your Home into an Allergy Safe Zone

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It’s pollen season again. Outside is a pollen filled war zone and it’s seeping into your home as well. Your home is supposed to be a sacred place that you should be able to enjoy without allergens disturbing your peace. Whether it’s allergy season or not it’s always important to maintain a home free of allergens. Thankfully, there are ways …

Celebrating Memorial Day with Asthma and Allergies

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In one week, our country will celebrate Memorial Day and honor the men and women who have died in military service. The extended weekend is traditionally also the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends and family, head outdoors, and grill out. Allergies and asthma can be a concern during any event that brings people together, but following a few simple …

Hidden asthma triggers in Atlanta Georgia

Asthma Triggers That You May Not Expect

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Change of season, dust, and pollen are all fairly common triggers to asthma. However there may be times when your asthma is flaring up and the trigger might not be as clear. Below we discuss some of the more uncommon asthma triggers. Thunderstorms Spring time brings an increase in nice weather and with it, an increased chance of thunderstorms. Electrical …

Controlling Winter Asthma in Seven Steps

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Winter weather can irritate asthma symptoms, restrict airways and impair breathing. Following simple steps below can help control asthma brought on in the winter. Outside 1. Avoid exercising outside in cold weather. 2. Cover your mouth and nose with fabric when breathing. This helps warm the air as you inhale. Inside 3. Change air filters frequently. 4. Utilize an in-room …