How to Prepare for the Spring Allergy Season

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I know what you may be thinking: February seems a little bit early to prepare for the spring allergy season. Well, it isn’t. The term spring allergies is a little misleading –even though spring doesn’t kick off until March 20th, the allergy season can start rolling as early as February. So it isn’t too early for you to start preparing …


Are you Allergic to the Holidays?

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Now that the fall allergy season is behind us, allergy and asthma sufferers can take a breath of relief. But it’s pertinent that you stay cautious, the holiday season can bring on unexpected allergy triggers. Christmas Trees Constant sneezing and coughing isn’t how you want to spend your holiday season, but it may be the reality for some allergy sufferers. …


16 Allergy Tweets Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

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Living with allergies can be a painful journey; but look on the bright side, you’re not in it alone. Millions of Americans across the nation deal with allergies just like you, and they tweet about it often. Here’s a list of allergy tweets guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. 1. A’s aren’t always that great. The only A’s I …


North Georgia Wildfire: Dealing with Smoky Conditions

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The North Georgia wildfire isn’t only causing damage to the property in its path; it’s affecting our air quality as well. Over the past few weeks the Atlanta area has been filled with hazy-smoke tainted skies. Though it may not be as thick as it was earlier in the week, it’s still there and drawing major health concerns for the people …

Fall Allergy Facts

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Fall season has arrived! Although the allergy season is already a month in, it’s still important to freshen up on the fall allergy facts. Approximately 40 million people in the U.S. suffer from seasonal allergies, which can be caused by a range of allergens. Each season brings on different triggers. Autumn is one of the major seasons that irritate allergic rhinitis sufferers …

Transforming your home into an allergy free zone

Transforming your Home into an Allergy Safe Zone

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It’s pollen season again. Outside is a pollen filled war zone and it’s seeping into your home as well. Your home is supposed to be a sacred place that you should be able to enjoy without allergens disturbing your peace. Whether it’s allergy season or not it’s always important to maintain a home free of allergens. Thankfully, there are ways …