Allergy rash

Strange Allergies That Make Seasonal Allergies Seem Like a Walk in The Park

Dr Mark Livezey Allergies

We’re deep in the middle of allergy season, which means it can really be easy to sulk in the misery of dealing with the tree pollen. If you’re sad, you might find solace in the fact that you probably don’t have the worst allergy in the world. If you think sneezing and itchy eyes are bad, try having your skin feel like it’s on fire every time you take a shower. Learn about five real allergies that people actually have to put up with:

Allergy rash and other strange allergy symptoms

We all know being allergic to tree pollen is no easy task, but can you imagine being allergic to something that your body actually needs to survive. Life would be a nightmare. Although rare, there are people who are allergic to things like water, exercise, the cold, semen and the sun.